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  • The most cost-efficient TIJ printer
  • Robust design and simple to use
  • High print speed, reliable and maintenance-free

As an entry-level TIJ printer, the DJ1 was designed with a simple but robust structure for cost saving. The all-in-one design makes the DJ1 easy to install and set up. The maintenance-free feature keeps user’s production line clean and no worries about downtime. It’s burdenless for a beginner user because none of technical knowledge is needed for installing, setting up and using a DJ1.

The DJ1 consists of less components but keeps the core of TIJ printhead technology to provide sharp, high printing speed and printing quality on various types substrates. Ideally suitable for printing date and text on all kinds of product materials.

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Interesting Design

The DJ1 has less functions but keeps excellent inkjet printing performances to achieve user’s production efficiency. An easy-to-use and cost-saving DJ1 TIJ printer is a good option for primary coding and marking.

Print Message Creation

PC software and Android App provide quick methods to build printing messages. Then, simply download the required message file to DJ1 printer via a USB driver and keep the backup.

Although without a function to directly edit printing message on the DJ1, the file correctness is secured, and operator’s error is avoided.

High Print Efficiency

  • DJ1 can achieve high print efficiency for coding and marking.
  • Max 10 units of print per second.
  • Max print length is 512 characters when the print height is 12.7mm.

Easy to Operate

Using 6 buttons to implement full printing functions. The DJ1’s internal memory for 30 print jobs can satisfy simple coding needs.

Diverse Installation

The DJ1’s printhead can be turned to different angles for diverse installation demands.

Automatic Ink Identification

A smart card on cartridge stores the cartridge print parameters information. Automatic ink identification allows
parameters setting for each ink cartridge to achieve the best performance.

Inks with Excellent Performance

Long decay time and excellent adhesion to most substrates are the main characters of hp TIJ2.5 inks.
Aqueous inks, solvent inks, UV-curable inks, and security inks are available for primary and secondary packaging printing. Contact Dotjet to learn more about the inks.

Technology hpTIJ2.5
Housing Aluminum casting
Power requirement AC 110-220v
Operation temperature 5°C ~45°C (41°F - 113°F)
Memory 30 print jobs
Print line 1 1- 4 lines
Print height 4 lines - 1.5mm, 4 lines - 3mm, 2 lines - 6mm, 1 line - 12.7mm
Print speed 1 line - 60m/min, 2 lines - 45m/min, 4 lines - 33m/min
Max. print length 512 characters
Print resolution 300dpi
Ink throw distance 6mm
Weight 652g (excluding cartridge)
Software function Any of languages text, lot and box number, date-time code, shift code, logo
Print font Available two character fonts for printing
Dimension (L/W/H) 202mm x 143mm x 120mm