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  • Multiple-printhead connection, up to four printheads.
  • Functional, versatile and competent to diverse printing applications.
  • Combination of different printhead systems.

The DJ2400 high-resolution printer system is designed to connect to multiple piezo inkjet printhead systems to an IPC controller. That means, users can create print templates for a larger print location. Direct coding and marking on secondary packaging with the DJ2400 will help users reduce the burden of preprinted boxes and labels. Its IPC controller screen can be remotely monitored and operated through the Dotjet’s Inkjet CMD System.

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Flexibility in Printhead Organization

The DJ2400 can be flexibly configured with up to 4 printheads which are controlled by an IPC controller with 12” touch screen through the connection by LVDS cables. The system can be a combination of different printhead systems (72mm or 17.5mm) for single-side or two-side coding and marking. The maximum length of a LVDS cable is 5 meters.


The IPC controller with a 12” full-color touch screen was designed with graphic user interface. Users can operate the controller by clicking on the touch screen, or by using a keyboard, a mouse device like using a computer and other electronic devices. Its full connectivity allows the DJ2400 system to perform perfectly in the advanced applications and the integration into production lines. The installed Dot Ware QT software brings users friendly operation experience and a simple process to achieve the automating coding and marking.

Communication Interface

The DJ2400 has multiple communication interfaces for advanced applications.

  • Communication Interfaces: MySQL, SQLite(.db3, .sqlite), Database (.csv), RS-232, MQTT, TCP/IP, and Dotjet Protocols
  • Able to be remotely monitored and controlled

Software for Inkjet Printing Applications

The DotWare QT has been designed and developed with a straightforward platform. Editing print template directly and intuitively, operating printing functions easily are the primary concepts of the software. PC version software gives users conveniences to create mass print jobs. More practical applications are brought by the DotWare QT:

  • GS1 barcode printing
  • Full inkjet printing functions
  • Protocol commands
  • Print external data that is sent from an external device
  • Open a file and print via the communication interface
  • MySQL database printing
  • Printer remote control supporting
  • Be integrated with Dotjet’s CMD software system
  • The “Side 1 = Side 2” function to apply one print template to two sides of a box at one time

Printhead System

The DJ2400’s printhead system contains an independent ink delivery system, physically including a print engine, a control driver board, standalone electronics, controlling software, and an ink supply pumping system that perfectly provides a stable ink supply to the printhead.

Pumping Ink Delivery

The pumping-ink- delivery system consists of three mini pumps to implement one button for ink priming, purging, and draining. The waste ink is collected automatically into another container to keep the printer system and working environment clean while the ink delivery system is working.

Printhead Technology

Dotjet high-resolution printers adopt SII piezoelectric printhead (72mm) or Xaar piezoelectric printhead (17.5mm), both are the leading brands in the inkjet printhead technology. The printheads are robust and precise. Their capability to print in flexible directions- downwards, vertical and horizontal, gives users the freedom to design and decide the print location on a packaging.

Optional Heating Facility

Temperature is a major factor of how UV-curable inks perform. When the environment temperature is low, the UV-curable ink may stick in the printhead nozzles because of the high viscosity at low temperature. A heating facility can keep the printhead working at a certain temperature that the UV-curable ink needs.

Ink Types

Dotjet provides oil-based inks and UV-curable inks that perform excellent printing results on most substrates, such as porous, glossy or plastics substrates. UV-curable ink has an instant dry time as soon as being exposed to UV light.




Power supply AC110-220V, 50/60HZ
Display Controller : 12” full color LCD touch screen display
Print Head System : 4.3” color LCM module (Touch Screen)
Operating temperature range 5°C ~45°C (41°F - 113°F)
Message storage Up to 1000 messages
Print capability Alphanumeric of full true type fonts.
Scalable text; rotation, mirror and inverse printing.
Automatic time and date functions.
Automatic best-before date calculation.
Automatic incrementing & decrementing batch counting and Lot-Box code.
Auto repeat printing.
Graphic format supported using 1 bit bitmap file. (*.bmp)
16 programming shift codes with automatic rollover.
GS1 barcodes / 2D codes.
External data connectivity print.
Data base print.
External data communication interface

RS232, RS485, USB and Ethernet. Wifi is optional

Maximum print height

17.5mm for PT128 head
72mm for PT510 head

Print lines Multiple lines depanding upon the print character size
Message length Max. 2M
Print resolution 180dpi
Built-in message storage capacity 4GB SSD available for message storage,
actual message size will vary based on content
Print speed (Conveyor)

Up to 98 feet/min (30m/minute) at 180dpi with 128/80pl print head.

Up to 164 feet/min (50m/minute) at 180dpi with 510/50pl print head.

Up to 197 feet/min (60m/minute) at 180dpi with 510/35pl print head

Ink supply 250ml ink cartridge (standard), 500ml ink cartridge (optional)