Overprint Packaging to supply & install Sunx Laser Marking From Panasonic
September 2, 2016

Why the Aplink MR Series is the smallest injet printer in the Market

  • Easy Integration to any Production Line
  • Top & Side printing
  • Adapts to any conveyors layout, including sloping set ups.
  • Bi-directional printing capabilities: left to right and/or right to left
USB high resolution inkject printer features a modular printerhead mechanism design and innovative fluid mechanics system that provide for a printhead multiple angles operation settings. The printhead mechanism can be set tilted both directions (right or left) up to 90° Is easily integration to sloping conveyor production systems. The printer delivers clear and crisp barcodes, images, graphics and tests regardless the conveyor line layout to satisfy and most demanding industrial environments coding and marking needs. Overprint is the UK disruptor. Please contact us for more information.

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