Preston Manual bench Unit

Preston Manual bench Unit

The unit is used for hand feeding, operated by a foot switch thereby leaving both hands free for positioning the product and stacking. It has a side stop and an adjustable rear stop for placing and positioning firm objects to obtain good register. Flexible objects are usually positioned to a marked datum on the placement bed. For small objects, jigs and fixtures can made to position under the print head. The illustration shows the Series 3A printer (50mm x 50mm print area)in situ but the bench model does accept all the Preston range. The printers are designed to produce maximum obtainable speeds. APPLICATIONS Cartons-sleeved and flat blanks, polythene bags, sheets, individual labels, self adhesive labels, pouches, plastic and cardboard lids, boxes, envelopes, etc.


Steel and aluminium construction. For use with 3A as shown 2A/2 or 4A.
Size: 70cm long x 39cm wide x 30cm high
Weight (with 3A printer and controls): 25 Kg
Supplies: Electrics 240 or 110v
Pneumatic air supply – See printer model specification.
Other sizes on application.
Label reel support.
Product index feeding.
Guillotine device.
Re-reeling attachment.
Multi colour systems.

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