Preston 6A Hot Foil Printing Unit

Preston 6A Hot Foil Printing Unit

Proven efficiency and performance under production conditions for large print area requirements:- special offers and sales promotions, ingredients list, label overprint, batch numbering, all can be obtained in addition to normal price and code printing. Can be used in conjunction with Preston Label Unit PCM/25, a self adhesive label feeder and rewinder, the 6A print area, up to 150mm X 50mm (6” x 2”) allows total or part label printing.

Max Speed: 300 PPM
Print area: 32mm x 32mm (1 ¼”x 1 ¼”)


Cantilevered construction for easy access to foil and type.
Positive, accurate and easily adjustable rewind system.
Handled, quick release, type holders.
Easy set up of the Print head.
Digital Controller
Automatic Counter
Suitable for Intermittent and Continuous packaging machinery with Preston bracketry
Accepted by many international companies as their preferred printing attachments
Optional extras: Water resistant control box; Leaf Sensing device, either audible, visual or cut out type, counter pre-heated unit
Max Speed: 200 PPM
Print area 150mm x 50mm (6” x 2”)
Heavy-duty robust cylinders for printing and indexing the printing foil.
Heat control: Thermistor/Probe sensing adjacent to typeface
Dimensions: Print head – Height 140mm (5 ½”)
Width 320mm (12 ½ “)
Length 435mm (17”)
Weight 14kg (30lbs)
Electricity 240V 3amps
Air Pressure 60 – 100 psi.
Air Consumption 0.0233m³/M(0.825ft³/M)
Thrust 2310N 520 lb ft.

Type: - Preston “T” shaped or British standard .918 zinc plates etc.

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