Preston 3A Hot Hot Foil Printing Units

Preston 3A Hot Hot Foil Printing Units

The Electro/Pneumatic unit for International Packaging Industry. Proven efficiency and performance under conditions for overprinting Data Codes, Price Marks, Batch Numbers, Labels and for banking out and reprinting etc. Overprint complements these units with mounting bracketry that enables them to be fitted to an ever widening range of wrapping and cartooning machines. FEATURES 1. Quick release foil discs of unique Overprint design. 2. Cantilevered construction for easy access to foil and type. 3. Positive, accurate and easily adjustable rewind system. 4. Easy adjustment of the print head 5. Control: all fully adjustable, each circuit fused. 6. Long Life, stainless steel compacted Heaters. 7. Suitable for intermittent or continuous packing machinery with Overprint designed Bracketry. 8. Accepted by many major international companies as their preferred printing attachment. 9. Optional extras: Water resistant Control Box; Leaf Sensing Device either audible, visual or cut-out type; Counter; Pre-heat unit; Spares box. (a) Print area 50mm x 50mm (2”x2”)


(b) Heavy duty robust cylinders for printing and indexing the printed foil.
(c) Heat Control: Thermistor/Probe sensing adjacent to typeface.


Print head Height 114mm (4½”)
Width 140mm (5½”)
Length 434mm (17”)
Weight 10.5kg (23lbs)
Control Box – Height 223mm (8¾”)
Depth 107mm (4¾”)
Width 150mm (5¾”)
Weight 2.7kg (6lbs)

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