Preston 2A/2 Hot Foil Printing Units

Preston 2A/2 Hot Foil Printing Units

Preston Series 2A/2 Hot Foil Unit is Suitable for intermittent or continuous motion wrapping machines with Preston designed bracketry. Easy to install - can be mounted directly above printer or on side, ideal for printing in restricted space. Plug in or standard connections for air and electricity Can be free standing for hand free operating Optional extra: Water resistant control box Leaf sensing device either audible Visual or Cut out type Counter; Pre heat unit or spare box.

Max Speed: 300 PPM
Print area: 32mm x 32mm (1 ¼”x 1 ¼”)


Heavy-duty robust cylinders for printing and indexing the printing foil.
Heat control: Thermistor/Probe sensing adjacent to type face
Print Thrust: - 423N at 415kN/m² (98 lbs at 60psi).
Weight:- 4.5kg (10lbs)
Foil Capacity: - 305metres (1,000 ft)
Foil Width: - Up to 32mm (1 ¼”) max.
Printing: - Adjustable pressure, adjustable dwell time, using plug-in timing with fine control.
Signal: - Micro switch of photocell, fluidic sensor, fibre optics etc.
Leaf index system: - Fine variable adjustment, independent air re-wind under constant light tension, non-slip chain drive, unwind leaf spool, 3-position option to allow fitting in restricted area.
Electricity 240V/110V 1.5 & 2A respectively.
Air Pressure 40 – 80 psi. (3-4 BAR).
Air Consumption 0.018 cu. Ft. at 60 psi.
Type: - Preston “T” shaped or British standard .918 zinc plates etc.

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